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Alpha Galaxy boast gorgeous metallic trim in the new image

At this time, almost all the secrets of your Samsung phone to compete with iPhone 6 is Alpha Galaxy has been exposed recently, however, could not get a sharp image of the device posted help users have a clearer view of it.

Although the design of the Alpha hardly so much innovation but with the combination of the overall design and rectangular metal frame shiny, almost Alpha Galaxy are getting appreciation from the world of technology and it can become one of the most beautiful device in the history of Sammy.


So far, the specs of the Galaxy is Alpha includes a screen 4.8-inch 720p HD display, a 5433 eight-core Exynos processor paired with a Mali-T628 GPU and 2GB of RAM, in addition it also has a pair primary and secondary camera is 12MP turn / 2MP, with 32GB of internal memory and runs on the platform Android OS 4.4.4.

The timing of the launch of this device is not expected to be long and it will have the appropriate price than the Galaxy S5.

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